Julia Roberts Goes Hardcore At A Wild Hollywood Private Party

We all know deep down inside that those Hollywood celebrities live a wild and decadent life behind the closed doors of their mansions, despite all their protestations that they’re just regular folk like us.  After all the magazine journalists and entertainment show hosts have wrapped up their interviews, they put away all pretensions of being regular joes and call their maids and butlers to bring out the champagne and truffle canapes for their afternoon snack.  And when night time comes around, they get together for dinner at one another’s place, which then turns into a wild orgy of drink, drugs and lots of sex!

Yes, this is how those Hollywood stars live, and Julia Roberts is no different, despite her wholesome, girl-next-door image.  In their world, the house next door is Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion, so you can guess how these movie star babes behave.  Here is Julia caught at one of those parties, doing normal celebrity things, like dancing topless on the dance floor with the other topless guests, and then getting into a hot threesome with two studs, with one pounding her from behind, while another is by her face, where she can suck him or stroke him as she pleases.  Yes, celebrities are just like you and me, aren’t they?

For more raunchy celebrity action, check out this site, and see Julia Roberts and her ilk do all those dirty things we wish we could do if we had all the money and freedom in the world that we wanted.

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