Julia Roberts Nude

C’mon, who hasn’t been in love with America’s sweetheart at least once in their life?  I’m not talking about the romantic comedy with almost the same title (which she happened to co-star in), but the real thing — Julia Roberts herself.

From her first smash hit, “Pretty Woman“, to her other blockbuster movies, which have collectively grossed over $2 billion, Julia Roberts has captivated almost every man and woman at one time or another, whether it’s in her romantic comedies like “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, her thrillers like “The Pelican Brief”, or her dramas like “Mona Lisa Smile”.  She’s been at the top of People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful People in the World” list a total of 11 times!  And she’s also been ranked as one of the most powerful women in Hollywood, and in America as a whole.

No wonder we’d all like to see Julia Roberts nude.  All that fame and power is just so intoxicating, especially if we can imagine her falling for a regular joe like ourselves.  But then, that’s the plot of “Notting Hill” — one of her biggest hits, wasn’t it?  It’s a case of art imitating everyone’s secret fantasy.  That lithe, slender body and that pretty face with its wide smile is somehow so enticing when put together, and it’s made her a millionaire many times over.

Still, if you’re a real horndog, it’s not the fame or the money that’ll draw you to this hottie.  It’s simply lust and the desire to get close to a cute babe with brains, talent and a nice personality.  And then when you’re close, you make her do all the nasty, dirty things a nice girl like her shouldn’t be doing!  If that’s what you’re dreaming of, then make sure to drop by Julia Roberts Nude, because they’ve got what you need to make your carnal fantasies come to life…