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Julia Roberts sucking a black cock

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

My oh my…I never would’ve thought of Julia Roberts as an interracial sex loving little devil. I first saw this sexy goddess in the movie Pretty Woman and since I was younger, I told myself to find a girl just like her. So my first girlfriend looked like her. Same tight slender legs, sultry lips, same sex appeal and stature. When we have sex, I always have to restrain myself from calling her Julia but I would totally imagine Julia Roberts’ alluring face as I pound my girlfriend’s sweet tight pussy.

Now it’s different. I grew out of my sexual obsession with Julia Roberts but I guess I didn’t see this coming. When I saw these Julia Roberts naked leaked photos of her stuffing two erect black cocks hungrily in her mouth it filled me with a new desire. It gave me such an intense hard-on that I had to go to the office’s restroom to let out a huge load. All the while I was jacking off my cock that image of Julia Roberts deepthroating those lucky black bastards cocks gave me such a hard cum explosion. I’m sure you would have the same effect if you’ve seen these extremely hardcore pics of the Pretty Woman.