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Julia Roberts enjoys hardcore anal sex

Monday, December 5th, 2016

Sleeping with the Enemy star, Julia Roberts, may look like she’s being beaten up in this wild fuck video but she’s actually enjoying a rough anal sex with some random hottie. Coincidentally, she does call her friends (with benefits) her ‘enemies’ so no one will suspect she’s doing crazy shits in bed with various men when she says she’s out somewhere. She would call her naughty sexcapades, dealing with an enemy, since they barely sleep after a hard and deep fuck session anyways.

Julia Roberts goes wild in anal fuck action

So now that her lil secret is out, you can expect her to change what she calls her boy toys and what they do together soon but before that happens and you lose track of her steamy activities away from the spotlight, better enjoy this wild leaked sex tape where she is an all-out whore of nature getting her bunghole stuffed rough in all possible positions. She may look fragile with that slim built but it’s to her advantage when it comes to trying out all sorts of bone-breaking sex poses that she likes doing with this kinky hunk. Plus, she’s light as a feather when she’s got to be carried while she humps on a stiff cock and this gives her a whole new feeling of ecstasy with a load of cum in that big mouth of hers to boot.

Julia Roberts enjoying rough sex in the nude

Friday, July 15th, 2016

Once the highest-paid actress in the world, Julia Roberts got perks and more from being too famous. She got fans and admirers, and of course, the die-hard supporters of her not-so-secret kinks. She’s got a few leaked sex tapes throughout her career but this one has caused the most chaos in any household who got a hold of the link. She’s just simply wild and she’s in an all-out bitch mode while giving head, getting her titties fucked and enjoying the rough ride as she gets pumped hard and deep by her fuck buddy. No wonder she’s kept such slim figure, she could handle all sorts of positions as she is drilled by this horny dude. She’s one hella versatile actress and sex partner, knowing well how to get the ball rolling with or without the script. That’s Julia Roberts for you.

Naked and horny Julia Roberts getting banged hard on cam

Julia Roberts Hot Naked Pictures

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

hot julia roberts tits

Julia Roberts is one sizzling hot redhead! Yep, she’s a natural redhead and she’s proud of it! I mean, what’s not to be proud of? Her new movie Eat, Pray, Love is a big hit, she has tremendous talent, and she’s packin’ quite a nice rack, if I say so myself! Moreover, she’s a MILF, a cougar, and that can only boost anyone’s hotness level at least ten notches higher. Just look at her: a hot pair of bouncing tits and a firm ass that’s fun to squeeze and spank all in a well-toned body not befitting her age. If only she showed her pussy so we can rest our cases and kneel before her in adoration.

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But wait, we can see her pussy! In fact, Julia Roberts’s naked photos are the hottest craze in the internet right now! Oh yes, hot pics of Julia Roberts showing her tits and pussy have been leaked and are circulating the internet like weed! She is really one hot fuck! With a pussy that looks so pink and so tight, I want to get her in bed, lick, finger, and fuck that fucking pussy like it was the last pussy on earth! Want to see the pics? Click here! Just check out these hot pics of Julia Roberts showing her tits and pussy!

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Julia Roberts sucking a black cock

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

My oh my…I never would’ve thought of Julia Roberts as an interracial sex loving little devil. I first saw this sexy goddess in the movie Pretty Woman and since I was younger, I told myself to find a girl just like her. So my first girlfriend looked like her. Same tight slender legs, sultry lips, same sex appeal and stature. When we have sex, I always have to restrain myself from calling her Julia but I would totally imagine Julia Roberts’ alluring face as I pound my girlfriend’s sweet tight pussy.

Now it’s different. I grew out of my sexual obsession with Julia Roberts but I guess I didn’t see this coming. When I saw these Julia Roberts naked leaked photos of her stuffing two erect black cocks hungrily in her mouth it filled me with a new desire. It gave me such an intense hard-on that I had to go to the office’s restroom to let out a huge load. All the while I was jacking off my cock that image of Julia Roberts deepthroating those lucky black bastards cocks gave me such a hard cum explosion. I’m sure you would have the same effect if you’ve seen these extremely hardcore pics of the Pretty Woman.

Julia Roberts Tries Some Lesbian Action

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

After all the guys she’s been with, it looks like Julia Roberts has decided to try something new, and something totally opposite all that sleeping around with Hollywood hunks that she’s been doing all these years.  Yes, she’s married to some Hollywood non-entity, but that’s not what we’re talking about.  The opposite direction we’re talking about is her recent sexual experimentation with the fairer sex, or women like her.  So we’re talking about hot lesbian action here, which we’re sure her husband wholeheartedly supports, as long as he gets to watch, of course!  Check out Julia Roberts totally naked with some young, blonde hottie, probably resting in between bouts of sweet, sweaty lesbian sex.  And that other picture we have is just so drool-worthy, with Julia inserting a finger up some honey’s tight, moist poontang.  From the expression on her face, Julia is having a great time, and so are we!

It seems that Mrs. Moder is one horny gal, and you can check up on lots more of Julia Robert’s raunchy activities by clicking that link!

Julia Roberts Goes Hardcore At A Wild Hollywood Private Party

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

We all know deep down inside that those Hollywood celebrities live a wild and decadent life behind the closed doors of their mansions, despite all their protestations that they’re just regular folk like us.  After all the magazine journalists and entertainment show hosts have wrapped up their interviews, they put away all pretensions of being regular joes and call their maids and butlers to bring out the champagne and truffle canapes for their afternoon snack.  And when night time comes around, they get together for dinner at one another’s place, which then turns into a wild orgy of drink, drugs and lots of sex!

Yes, this is how those Hollywood stars live, and Julia Roberts is no different, despite her wholesome, girl-next-door image.  In their world, the house next door is Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion, so you can guess how these movie star babes behave.  Here is Julia caught at one of those parties, doing normal celebrity things, like dancing topless on the dance floor with the other topless guests, and then getting into a hot threesome with two studs, with one pounding her from behind, while another is by her face, where she can suck him or stroke him as she pleases.  Yes, celebrities are just like you and me, aren’t they?

For more raunchy celebrity action, check out this site, and see Julia Roberts and her ilk do all those dirty things we wish we could do if we had all the money and freedom in the world that we wanted.

Julia Roberts Nude And Showing Her Pussy

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Topless pics of Julia Roberts have been revealed before, showing this Hollywood superstar’s naughty side.  She’s got a model’s slender figure, and nice perky tits, so men all over have enjoyed those pictures in the way those pictures are supposed to be enjoyed — preferably with a big, sticky ending.  But there are hotter pics out there than just plain ol’ topless Julia Roberts images, and these are her hot n’ juicy nude photos.  Here you’ll get to see her sweet, smooth pussy, just like all those Hollywood boyfriends she’s had.  Now that’s a great view you’ve got there, don’t you think?  Julia Robert’s pussy has seen a lot of action, but it’s still as pristine-looking as Julia herself, an All-American girl-next-door poontang if I’ve ever seen one!

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