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Julia Roberts Nude And Showing Her Pussy

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Topless pics of Julia Roberts have been revealed before, showing this Hollywood superstar’s naughty side.  She’s got a model’s slender figure, and nice perky tits, so men all over have enjoyed those pictures in the way those pictures are supposed to be enjoyed — preferably with a big, sticky ending.  But there are hotter pics out there than just plain ol’ topless Julia Roberts images, and these are her hot n’ juicy nude photos.  Here you’ll get to see her sweet, smooth pussy, just like all those Hollywood boyfriends she’s had.  Now that’s a great view you’ve got there, don’t you think?  Julia Robert’s pussy has seen a lot of action, but it’s still as pristine-looking as Julia herself, an All-American girl-next-door poontang if I’ve ever seen one!

For more of Julia Roberts nude and flashing her tidbits at the camera, check out that last link and see America’s sweetheart in nasty, naughty action!

Julia Roberts Gets Topless And Shows Her Tits

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

An actress as famous as Julia Roberts doesn’t have to show her tits anymore to get attention, but Julia wasn’t always as famous and powerful as she was now.  That could explain why there are these topless Julia Roberts pics floating around the net, but I think we should also take into consideration one aspect of Julia’s life that is often glossed over or overlooked, mostly because it’s out there in the open and already a well-known fact.

So like the purloined letter, the reason for Julia Roberts flashing her tits is known to everyone, but not noticed.  And that reason is — she’s just a horny slut!  I mean look at the list of men she’s been linked with: Liam Neeson, Dylan McDermott, Kiefer Sutherland, Lyle Lovett, Matthew Perry, Benjamin Bratt, and of course her current husband, cameraman Daniel Moder.  Moder was married at the time they met and had an affair on the set of “The Mexican”, so you can see that Julia doesn’t care about things like that when she’s got her sight set on what she wants.

And what she wants is hot, steamy sex!  That’s why she’s topless or naked a lot of the time.  You can check her the down n’ dirty action she’s been in when you click on this link, which will take you to a site with more nude and naked Julia Roberts action!